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I would like to say to anyone hesitating to do their care abroad for fear of being disappointed that the welcome, listening and professionalism of the entire team are just amazing.The cleanliness and the equipment within the clinic are of very high quality I am delighted to have come to Sofia is a very beautiful city, full of life, I had results and especially care beyond my expectations thank you to all the team.

Yasmina Ariek, Paris, France

Hello doctor the work is SUPER thank you, after 6 months since the treatment, always SUPER.

Jean Reig, Haute-Savoie, France

A professional team, listening. Dr. AITA true manager of this clinic. I recommend without hesitation; the care is of a very high quality. No pain, and fast turnaround time. The result is up to the wait. Very far from the mandarins of French clinics.

Alain Cheze, Bourgogne, France

I was finally able to have my implants. If I stayed in France I would have finished with a denture !! No pain and painstaking work under the expert hands of Dr. Hazem . If to do it again, I will re-sign immediately. A thousand thanks.

Sylvie Riant, Parthenay, France

Today, I have just had my implants put by Dr. HAZEM, I want to thank him for the work done, his know-how, his softness and his professionalism, I want to thank all the team for their services and their know how, I say thank you a thousand times.

Marc Laurent, Cannes, France

Very good reception, very friendly staff, thank you again for your professionalism !! I recommend this clinic for those who want to find a beautiful smile.

Norbert Vincenot, Nancy, France

Hello,Following my visit to this clinic for my dental care, I reassure in advance those who wish to restore their teeth at attractive prices and quality. you really would be surprised at the quality of care and organization. I thank Dr. Hazem and his team for this intervention, without forgetting Nona, Maria, Anton, Martin ....! The city of Sofia has made me smile again.

Samir B., Grenoble, France

A big thank you to Dr. Hazem and all his great team with a special mention to Dr. Sami AITA for his professionalism, his kindness and his listening ... We can now, thanks to you, bite life to the fullest!

Irene Agnes, Toulouse, France

Treatments and implants carried out with a very great mastery and with Western hygiene. I'm not talking about the cost, of course! And two times , 3 days each, for a complete and permanent dentition ... and in one stay.

Christian Revenu, Chantraine, France

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