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Esthetic Dentistry & Dental Implantology


service01aesthetic dental medicine
You are the only person aware of the small imperfections of your smile that make you feel insecure and depressed. Thanks to our services we can create your perfect smile together. see more

service01oral surgery
Oral surgery includes not only the surgical procedures aimed at overcoming emergency and irreversible conditions, but also those contributing to the creation of a harmonious and beautiful smile. see more

Gum disease is the main reason patients need periodontal therapy. You can avert the development of periodontal disease or participate actively during its treatment only if you know how to take care of your teeth and gums. see more

service01endodontics and dental caries studies
In many cases, proper endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is the only chance to save the tooth in the long run. Thus, a subsequent bone infection is prevented. After successful endodontic treatment, the tooth remains functional. see more

service01paediatric dentistry
Your children will have a nice experience visiting us. Without tears and under the guise of a game we will treat their decaying teeth, and together we will teach them to brush their teeth and keep them healthy. see more

service01treatment under sedation
We understand that sometimes you are afraid before visiting your dentist. To help you cope with this problem the manipulations could be carried out under “general anaesthesia”.  see more

service01dental implantology
Implants are placed when your own tooth is missing or has to be extracted. We know the biggest worry of all patients, and we can promise with certainty you won’t feel a thing.  see more

You have pain in the jaw joints, your teeth are worn out, you observe changes in your gums, and experience discomfort when eating … all these symptoms are most probably caused by some problem with your bite.  see more

service01periodontal surgery
When you have a periodontal disease (which cannot be treated without a surgery), or need an aesthetic correction of the soft tissues, you need to have a surgical manipulation. The goal of periodontal surgery is to recover the normal form and function of the soft tissue. see more

Nowadays, most of the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are adults – with braces, apparatuses, or invisible splints your smile can be the one you have always dreamed of.  see more

service01isolation of stem cells
There is a new method for isolation of stem cells for you or your child. Stem cells can be isolated from a milk tooth or a permanent tooth. see more


One of the few doctors, who offer total oral rehabilitation – adequate treatment for problems
of a different nature when functional, aesthetic, periodontologic and surgical problems are present.



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About us

DENTAL CENTER DR GAIS started its practice in the 2000th in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of all specialists and their dedication in constant improvement and quality of treatment …

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